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For this project, I was in charge of the entire programming side of things. The project consisted of a few static pages, a blog, and a couple interactive features including a shareable quiz,  a visual makeup selector, and a image uploader which adds a frame to the uploaded image for sharing on social media.

Worked with: Taylor & Pond

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  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP


  • WordPress

AJAX Everything!

This project was my first try at an AJAX loading site and I had the opportunity to learn much about it! In the beginning it was surprisingly easy to implement, and it significantly decreased the loading time of the site. As more scripts where added however, it became more challenging to make sure everything worked correctly. In the end the final result still decreased the overall loading time; but the overall impact was reduced due to a last minute change that forced me to change the way it worked from only ajaxing the body contents, to actually changing the footer & header in case the site language had changed.