Video Games Make You Better At Coding?

Could playing video games affect your programming skills?

I like to take coding as a video game, if I put the right things in the right place I will obtain what I want. In the past I've wondered why code seems to come easier to me then it does to other people. And I'm starting to believe it may be because of my experience playing video games.

When you are playing video games you are often exposed to certain situations such as, trial and error, quick problem solving, quick reaction, and having to solve logical puzzles. Does that sound familiar? Now, I'm not trying to say playing games will turn you into a coding beast. But I do believe that all of this experience could somehow get your brain used to a lot of the situations you go through while coding and help understand it quicker.

I could go on forever listing many situations in which a game has forced me to use logic and compare it to when some Javascript function needs it too. But just from what I've said, you think this could actually be a thing? Maybe I'm just tripping!